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The world is exploring electronic space and media. With the increasing number of social media users, you’d almost want to believe that print jobs will soon be useless in the world of marketing. I mean, who’s not in sync with the endless opportunities of digital media marketing?

But, guess what? Prints are an important marketing tool that’d never go into extinction. This is because they showcase your brand to the average customer via offline media. Whilst social media has taken over the marketing space, the roles of prints cannot be substituted.

Prints have your business publicized without having to think of data or mobile phones. What about showcasing your brand to your immediate environment? Your presence in that community where your business sits? As much as you want to build an irresistible online face, you sure don’t want to miss the opportunities in your primary market!

Here, you’d uncover 5 print jobs that can help you increase your reach and market your brand to your large audience.


Generally speaking, a flyer is an unfolded, printed sheet of paper, with information about your offer, business, or service. The point with flyers is that they are always a handy marketing tool for your business. They are relatively cheap and easy to distribute, especially when in high volume.

It has some traditional measurements including; A5, A4 & Custom size. Sometimes taller or wider, but generally, the utmost size of a flyer is A5. That’s a 14.8 cm wide x 21 cm high size. The material is usually a bond, matte or glossy art paper. A flyer may be printed in two ways, via digital or offset printing method.

Digital printing is the fastest method to produce flyers. There are special digital printers built for such purpose. Imagine your home printer, but 100 times powerful, and better. Digital printing gives you excellent print quality, in no time but it’s also costlier compared to offset. Digital printing is useful to you once you need a few flyers.

What can flyers be used for?

Most people use flyers to advertise for example:

Opening of premises, restaurants, doctor’s offices;

Promotions like discounts, packages, sales;

Event Announcement;

Infographics or presentations to deliver at conferences;

Magazine or newspaper inserts; Local promotions, etc.

Flyers that are technically bigger than an entire A4 may be a poster. So, if you’re just planning any of the aforementioned, FLYERS are just what you need!


Posters are sheets of paper printed with an advertising message that is placed in a visible place for people to read as they pass. They serve to announce artistic, cultural, or sporting events; product offers, store openings, political messages, etc. Posters can also be the most effective form of advertising for local commerce such as restaurants, salons, academies, shops, etc.

The size is greater than flyers and the message is clearer and of better magnification. Posters range from A4 size (21×30 cm) to 70×100 cm. The material majorly printed on is paper.

Advantages of Printing Posters;

It is cheaper than most large forms of adverts.

It is one of the most direct and effective ways to publicize your business.

You can reach a large number of people at a minimal cost.

They are attractive and easy to read.

It is important to include any offer that attracts consumer attention.

If appropriately executed, POSTERS can be only what you need to ward off your local competitors.


Banners are informational posters printed with an advertising or congratulatory message. They are primarily to be placed on windows, fences, or to be carried in the hand by several people.

Advantages and utilities of printed banners

Banners are one of the cheapest way to communicate in very large forms.

They are often used in demonstrations, for small and self-employed companies.

It can be easily transported due to their low weight. 

Banners are usually carried out on light materials such as canvas or printed fabric.

The messages printed is fully personalized or custom printed in full color, as there is no standard.

They give better printing resolution and design artistry for your business to the thrill of your audience!


Roll-up offers you a completely customizable and highly versatile surface to expose your brand and product wherever you want. The roll-up is displayed with customizable graphics on the front side. These displays have a very lightweight and very stable base. The roll-up displays are a good tool for dissemination in many contexts.

They can be used for conferences, trade fairs, press conferences, product presentations, or any, type of event. They also bring out the best side of your company and your products. Roll-ups can be taken everywhere thanks to its comfortable nature. As an essential element in your external promotions, Roll-ups adapts very well to all kinds of situations.

In addition, thanks to the printing characteristics, roll-ups are very resistant, with incomparable durability and useability. Its purpose is usually advertising. In this way, it is common to find them with logos and brand names of interest. It is also common to find them full of groups and promoters, sponsors, or collaborators. In other contexts, roll-up displays may also include commercial information on featured products, new products, or offers and promotions of interest to the public.

They are ideal for decorating fair stands or commercial stands. They are also be used to advertise promotions on store doors. In these circumstances, advertising roll-up offers a direct window of contact with the customer.

Its use is very comfortable since you just have to unfold them; its assembly and disassembly are carried out in a few seconds. Roll-ups are also very cheap compared to other mass spread tools. For all these reasons, a roll-up banner is an increasingly popular option among customers.


You will find many sizes of roll-ups. You will be able to choose the proportion and dimensions of your roll-up, to suit the needs of your exhibition.

Printing is done in full color and on one side. The graphic is mounted on a roll-up reel, which allows the easy and safe storage of printing.

In turn, this reel is on a foot with high stability and a mounting leg that allows its vertical positioning.

This entire structure is made of anodized aluminum so that roll-ups have the lightness necessary for comfortable transport while maintaining optimum solidity.

All roll ups can be delivered assembled and ready for use.


They are sort of printed stickers used for both your commercial communication and to embellish your shops or office doors and windows. They are made from paper or other synthetic supports and are printed in various ways, with differing types of glues and finishes. They are customized and pasted wherever you like. They help decorate objects or surfaces, but they’re also an advertising medium.

You simply print them together with your logo or your name to realize visibility, either by distributing them in your store or at a trade fair. The stickers can be paper or vinyl. They can be transparent, white, glossy, or matte. Some are kraft, colored paper, have a metallic effect, mirror effect, holographic, etc. They are used to seal product packages to give it a private and original touch. They can even be a part of your company stationery or distributed as goodies and merchandise.

They could also be product stickers and labels. These stickers are often placed on the products, some include only a barcode or QR and other images and knowledge about the merchandise in question. They will be paper or vinyl. They can be permanent or not, depending on their purpose. For instance, if the label includes essential information, like the ingredients of foodstuff, you’ll choose a permanent adhesive label.

If on the opposite hand, it’s a promotional sticker on a product, it’s better to be removable, to get rid of it without leaving traces of glue on the merchandise. There are also special stickers; more adherent, for granulated or textured surfaces, with a chilly resistant adhesive. These are used for frozen products. There also are “anti-fraud” tags, called VOID tags. These are non-transferable and break when faraway from the merchandise.

This product is employed more within the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. There also are stickers that meet sanitary standards and may be in direct contact with food, like fruit labels for instance.

And with most of these marketing tools, you can up your game in marketing your business, brand or products.