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You and your business need varieties of print jobs to effectively carry out business operations and expand your reach in your industry.

Doing business they say involves professionalism and paying attention to every detail. Details that would edge out your competitors. Business stationeries that are pleasing to the eyes and represent the true identity of your brand can do a lot more wonders than you can ever imagine.

Check out 7 business stationeries that can weave that magic for you and your business.

You’d be glad you read till the end. Trust me!


Brochures or leaflet can tell your business or company’s story in a creative and interesting way. They drive communication through images and knowledge using a single sheet. They have a wide range of formats up to the most important A4 size.

You can also choose between different types of the fold; 1 central or asymmetrical fold, 2, 3, or 4 window folds, accordion, or wallet. You can choose between folding A4, folding A5, folding 10 x 21 cm, or any other rectangular or square formats.

Brochures are made with paper of varied weights. Personalizing your leaflet will have you choose  different options of paper for printing. They include matte coated paper, glossy coated paper, uncoated, and used paper like recycled paper or natural paper.

Each format and type finds its application. The effectiveness of brochures is often really interesting. For example, the presentation of a new store, the presentation of a new product, or if you would like to advertise an occasion.

Obviously, the more the fold, the more detailed the information it will contain, and the greater the attention during folding process. This will make the reading and presentation of the information easier. Therefore, when you are undecided on the number of fold, it is good to think about the amount of information to be entered and the final size of your leaflet once opened.

This way you will know which of the available leaflet formats you prefer. Better still, talk to a professional!


Do you want to be remembered? Present yourself the right way and the best way possible!

The business card is a presentation par excellence stationery because it tells your professional activity and your contact information at first meet-up.

Promote yourself as knowledgeable, make your name known, and leave your mark at the first meeting with classic business cards, printable within the standard rectangular format, or within the original square format.

Beyond the classic call card, you can also look out for the ennobled business cards or those with deluxe cards. Choose from the differing types of paper with a prestigious and refined look. You can also embellish its details with painting or with different foils, embossing and spot lamination.

Do you want to ensure that your business cards last? Choose the model with lamination. Lamination is a process that involves applying a transparent film on the paper to enhance its performance and final appearance.

The glossy lamination offers brilliance to your colors and enhances the colors of the printout, especially if there are images or logos with emphasizing colors in your card. Matt lamination reduces the intensity of the reflected light and improves the readability of the texts and pictures. Meanwhile, a chump lamination gives the card a chic and pleasant to the touch appearance.

If you would like to offer your plasticized business cards a more precious look, use the chump lamination which makes the paper surface more velvety to the touch, gives your print a refined and stylish appearance.

Do you want to appreciate creativity by creating a card for your business as a designer, a salon owner, or even a restaurant? Choose the folded business cards or those with rounded corners. 

Classic or ennobled, plasticized or deluxe, squared, or with rounded corners, the most important thing is to choose the model and sort of paper that best show your style and print your business cards with maximum color rendering and the precise cut of the sides.

Having a tailor-made business card will ultimately make your image last and advertise your business. So, wherever your name goes, it’ll be a hit!


Identification cards or accreditation cards as the name implies are cards designed to spot and identify people or groups of individuals in companies, conferences, fairs, etc …

They are customized plastic card that accredits the identity of the bearer by means of an exclusive printed data of the user who carries it. 

The ID cards or badges are of different sizes, the foremost common being the CR80 size or standard. Badges or identification cards can sometimes be stamped to feature a lanyard or clip to hold them at a visible place.

Photo badges are exclusive types of ID cards. The print finish is often glossy or in a chic matte with silver or gold screen printing.

Identification cards are generally printed in color with the corporate image of the company. They are often numbered or barcoded to more reliably identify users.

The keychain cards allow various sorts of personalization to differentiate them by families or groups. The keychain cards can therefore be simply numbered for partners, swimming pools, etc., or personalized with barcodes for managing customer loyalty programs.


A letterhead is that business stationery that has printed on it the name and logo of your business or organization as well as the contact information that you simply consider appropriate to incorporate in the design.

The letterhead is that ideal piece for sending all types of documents regarding your company and brand communications or letters to as many recipients as necessary because they generate credibility. Each time you print on your letterheads, you open a business opportunity and encourage the expansion of your company.

They significantly improves the handling of your stationery, quotes, and correspondence, by preserving and disseminating the graphic identity of your company, while accounting for a clean and professional presentation of data.

Sometimes the letterhead includes a design altogether or an outsized part of the sheet (the margins, the background, etc). The letterhead can also be printed on an envelope.

Depending on the legislation of every country, a letterhead may or might not include certain data. In some countries, it includes the names of all the administrators or officials of the institution.

When choosing the materials to produce your letterheads, it is imperative to note that the general trend in Nigeria makes use of either the conqueror paper (and its look alikes) or the matte paper.

Keep in mind that you simply can choose from the various sorts of materials with which to form your letterheads. The foremost important thing during this choice is that everything adjusts to your brand guidelines.

A letterhead made with acceptable materials and style guidelines will always provide a good image. The dimensions of letterheads are majorly standard for letter or office. If necessary, request advice from our professionals or request a design service for your letterheads.


Companies often print personalized folders to accommodate documentation for internal use or deliver them to customers with their offer of services or promotion.

The distinguishing characteristic of printing presentation folders is that it’s size is slightly larger than the merchandise to be contained.

The thickness of the card is from 300 grams with the likelihood of being plasticized and are typically printed with flaps at rock bottom and side to carry the documents they contain.

If you decide to print folders with flaps to carry documents, then there are different formatting possibilities for these flaps. The flaps may include a slot to insert business cards within the bottom, another value to facilitate contact with your client.

You can also print folders with spine or without a spine. If you propose to incorporate many documents within the folder, there’d be a need for a little spine within the fold area. We recommend you go for it if your personalized folders are to contain up to 10 pages and above.

Printing is on three sorts of card, matte coated, offset, and recycled. The foremost common is to pick matte coated card, recycled card is an option if you would like to convey a maximum commitment to the environment and offset card if you propose to write down regularly on the folder.

Regarding the finishes, you’ll select the lamination on one or two sides of the folder to extend its resistance and achieve a softer touch. As a less expensive alternative to the lamination, you can select the UVI gloss varnish that also increases the resistance of the folder and brightens your images.

Presentation or corporate folders are a fundamental element of a company’s corporate stationery and are without a doubt a key part of your company’s identity.


Even with the implementation of electronic invoicing in our country, receipts could seem outdated, but actually, it’s not.

The receipt blocks, notes, and also the orders are business stationeries printed in a personalized way with the name and logo of your business so as to offer your customers the knowledge of the things sold and also the payment received.

If the target is to be remembered by your client, the invoice may be a strategy to realize it, since they’re a daily instrument of the company, whilst your logo and details are constantly reinforcing the company’s image.

Receipts are used in a wide range of businesses from law firms, contractors, to retail or wholesale stores, and are used as payment evidence. Printing is in original and replica on carbonless paper to simply identify the customer’s original and therefore the accounting copy.

On the rear of the invoices, you can showcase details like a few new products, the acquisition conditions, etc. with great effectiveness and additional marketing of your products.


Printed certificates have a variety of uses, from providing proof of a specific qualification that has been obtained to rewarding staff and motivating your workforce.

There is no prouder moment for any student than receiving their degree or professional course certificate on their graduation day. It’s proof of their diligence and hardwork to the achievement.

For businesses, printed certificates prove the eligibility of potential employees, in terms of their qualifications. By including details of the awarding institution (such as a logo and signature), course and student, the business can readily identify it’s authenticity.

Does your business sell stocks and shares? Investors will want to possess proof of their partial ownership in your company, which is where printed stock certificates are useful. This piece of paper will provide evidence of the amount of shares they hold, the date that they were purchased, an identifying CUSIP or CINS number, also as official signatures or seals.

Although the digital age has reduced the necessity to print stock certificates in some cases, some investors still appreciate the power to possess physical proof of their investment because it offers peace of mind.

How about your business rewarding employees for his or her long service? Or maybe an annual awards dinner for workers to celebrate their achievements during the year, or would you wish to celebrate the achievements of your sponsored event.

Not only does receiving a gift help to spice up morale, but having a professionally printed award certificate can help to form the experience to be even more special.

There are many factors to put into consideration when you design and print certificates. From choosing the proper wording to picking a font style that suits the certificate’s purpose, more thought goes into certificate planning than most the people realise.

Arguably the foremost important element once you print certificates is the paper you choose; it can mean the difference between a long-lasting certificate that both looks and seems like it comes from a reputable institution. A certificate which does not stand the test of time, the recipient will feel displeased with.

Some of the papers used are parchment paper, laid paper, linen paper and, granite paper which apart from certificates can be a superb choice for other important documents like, restaurant menus, business correspondence, letterheads, presentations, proposals, and private stationery.

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