Branding your business and products can be fascinating with these amazing printed accessories.

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In the past, it had been enough for a product seller to verbally clarify its characteristics to prospective buyers. Nowadays, technology permits you to point out to your client, the brand, quality, composition, price, etc., through “labeling” of your products.

Product tags on the other hand are descriptors printed and assigned to specific products to arrange, document, and track their progress. The tag contains keywords or key phrases for every respective product and is stored in the company’s database.

Currently, there’s another necessary element on the commercial label, which is the barcode and/or variable data, elements that store encrypted information about the product.

The textile industry, for example, is not complete without the utilization of labels, for information on size, composition, washing, and ironing. Also, this industry uses product tags to market the brand, logo, etc.

Besides tracking and organizing products, product tags can also help your business.  Tags that are colorful, well-designed, and attached to the product can grab the attention of your client.

They can also help sell additional products, promote the business, and even help the owner demographic useful demographic information.

While business cards are often lost or discarded upon collection, product tags stay longer because they’re attached until an individual begins to use the product.

They also increase the product’s professionalism and remind customers where they got your product from, and of course, remind them where to repurchase the item in the future.


Stickers are amazing pieces that add an ingenious touch of your brand anywhere. They can decorate items like glasses, bottles, clothes, and any product you deem fit.

They are useful to advertise your business, company, or service. Additionally, they will assist you to provide a touch of professionalism to your products by reinforcing your corporate image.

For this, a logo, a slogan, or the name of the corporate are often used. These reinforced contexts have shown to have increased sales of the brand.

Meanwhile, from a more personal perspective, stickers are used for branding walls, doors, clothing, cars, motorcycles, etc.

In addition, stickers are completely weather-resistant, making it possible to use it outdoors and under any circumstance. Practically, it’s usability is feasible.


Bags are specifically tailored items, which may be in several materials, like plastic, cloth, paper, etc. They are used to transport or store things from one place to the other. The uses are endless being the foremost common as a sack, garbage bag, potato bag, etc.

Beyond it’s use as a household component in our society, businesses have used them as a promotional element for their brands. This is done with extraordinary advertising performance as a branding element.

The paper bags are widely utilized in fashion stores or supplements, where the brand is printed our logo on each side. Paper bags when customized with a spectacular finish, simple or luxury have an effect on the sort of rating, and in fact, the value attributed to the brand. Mostly used are colored paper or kraft bags.

However, the plastic bags or sheets of polyethylene, polypropylene, biodegradable or compostable plastic, and recycled polyethylene, are widely employed by supermarkets and food chains and supplies.

Plastic (or compostable) envelopes are also the right solution for shipping light clothing, accessories, books, or items. They’re light, durable, and may be used as a protective layer for your e-commerce boxes or as the packaging itself.

The bags can often be made within the measurements that best fit your needs and personalized together with your own logo or design. Find the sort of bag or plastic sheet you would like or contact us for your professional advice.


Branded jotters are ingenious items to possess in your stationery. People love receiving useful gifts to point out that you simply value their patronage.

Jotters and notepads are useful accessories to advertise your products and services. Embellish them together with your company logo, caption, and whatever you feel your audience must hear (we recommend keeping it simple).

Jotters will also be good to travel with when attending your client meetings, events, and corporate gift-giving time.

An official jotter on an employee’s desk looks professional and brand cohesive. It can easily function as a reminder of the company’s principles when incorporating team-building and decision-making meetings.

Standard sizes for branded jotters vary from A4, A5, and A6 with full-color printing and typically containing a wide range of pages, customized to your needs and desires.


Branded boxes are an exciting way to advertise your business. Postal boxes are made from corrugated board and include flaps that guarantee an easy and firm closure. They’re ideal for sending items to your clients from your warehouse, also as for packaging products and presenting them in a classy way in your physical store.

Product boxes are perfect for presenting items in any physical store or retail business. They are made from sturdy cardboard and may carry special prints and finishes (such as gloss or matte). They’re perfect to present your items with a glamorous and stylish packaging.

The shipping boxes are made from several layers of corrugated board. Their thickness and resistance make them the right packaging for sending fragile items or orders that are getting to cover long distances. Branded with different sizes, they can hold a considerable amount of weight.


Improve the image of your business with personalized shirts. Create a knowledgeable uniform for all of your employees or distribute T-shirts together with your logo to clients and acquaintances to market your business wherever they are going.

How about that family reunion or are you organizing an occasion? Personalized t-shirts will help everyone take a special memory of that moment. You shouldn’t forget to support your favorite sports team with a shirt too.

The printing techniques used include Screen printing; Direct – To- Garment (DTG) printing; Heat Transfer Printing; Flock and Flex Printing; Sublimation etc. Some printing techniques are best fitted to specific fabrics and at an equivalent time, a particular printing technique could be best fitted to counting on the job’s volume.

Moreover, the printing method may also be influenced by the number of colors within the design you’re getting to print. With numerous variables, it gets difficult to decide on a printing technique!

With a good sort of options, like long-sleeved, short-sleeved shirts, organic, classic, v-neck of different colors available for all sizes for men, women, and unisex models, you ought to ask us to steer you through the simplest decision.


Face caps are headdresses that are basically designed for warmth, and incorporate a beak to prevent rays of sunlight to the eyes.

Showcase your business logo, club emblem, or team name on customized caps that suit your needs. Whether embroidery,

Make a robust statement with your custom caps. Adding your logo to the front of a cap gives it prominence whenever you speak to people in your business, at events and when you’re out.

At Jade Crystal Colours, we offer any of the tailor-made branded accessories to help increase your brand visibility and business efficiency.

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