Advertising [Input internal link to what is ads blog post here] online can help you achieve more visibility on the internet as well as a greater number of visits to your website. The more visits your website receives, the more possibilities you will have to increase sales, expand your market thanks to the acquisition of new clients and build a strong brand identity [Input internal link to brand identity here].

Online advertising is used to deliver promotions or messages to a target audience through digital media or platforms.

If you are still in doubt about the enormous advantages of online advertising for customers, then you’re just in time for this piece! You will be uncovering the 7 advantages of online advertising. You would also have a chance to check out some disadvantages which you may need to consider as well.

So, read through till the end and be sure to take notes where necessary! Let’s dive in!

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of formats for online platform advertising. This includes email marketing, banners, text links, videos, search engine advertising and social networks. You can catch up on them here [Input internal link to what is ads blog post].

In the same vein, there are different platforms to carry out this type of digital marketing strategy, the best known being Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and a host of others.

Do you know the advantages of online advertising over traditional advertising?
Advertising in traditional media, radio, television and press is the dream of every entrepreneur. This is because the messages will reach lots of people, thereby increasing the chances of success of the advertising campaign.

However, due to its high cost, it is not entirely possible for many to ply that route. This makes online advertising an undoubtedly great alternative for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, more and more people or companies now advertise their products or services on the internet.

One of the prominent reasons for this exponential increase is the constant increase in the number of internet users. While other reasons outlined below are the different advantages that online advertising presents, let’s see the most relevant advantages of online platform advertising. They include;

  1. Wide coverage
    More and more people are connected to the Internet, either through their computer, mobile or tablet. As such, online advertising allows you to reach a large number of people. It doesn’t matter if your target audience is located in a specific area of ​​your country or city, it has the possibility of reaching that group of people in a more successful way.

Furthermore, if you are interested in selling in only certain areas of a country, you have the freedom to design your online advertising campaigns so that your ads are seen only in those regions. Apart from that, you also have the ability to sell your products to other countries by simply carrying out online campaigns with worldwide coverage.

This fact presents a great opportunity to you and marketers of different brands who can make use of the enormous flow of internet users that surf the online space daily.

  1. Segmentation power
    Online advertising gives you the option to segment the market and specify the audience you want to target in such a way that advertising becomes more effective because you can configure and optimize one or more ads to capture the attention of a certain customer segment.

With segmentation, you have that unique targeting capability and advantage since you can determine the audience to which you are going to focus, you have the ability to select various aspects such as interests, sex, demographics or age. The geographic, demographic, and behavioural targeting are some of the competencies that only online advertisers can rely on and are not available to the offline universe.

These advanced capabilities make it possible for advertisers to easily reach the typical audience they want. For example, with an online strategy, it is possible to impact a man or a woman who lives in a certain city, has specific interests and uses a particular operating system or browser.

  1. Low cost
    Designing an advertisement for the Internet is much less expensive than doing it for other advertising media. And the same in the case of the launch of an advertising campaign.

While accomplishing an effective campaign on the internet will not cost you a fortune unlike some traditional methods, it is also available on multiple platforms such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords where you can choose how much you want to spend daily and increase the investment according to the results.

As if this were not enough, there are many payment options when we talk about online ads. The most basic pricing models are CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action).

  1. Easy and saves time
    In addition to saving money, advertising using online advertising platforms allows you to save time since creating and editing an advertisement for the internet is a simple task that can take you only a few minutes.

Meanwhile, it is also very easy to create an online advertising campaign since all the complexity accumulates in the backend. This is why some campaigns may take about 1 or 2 days to be launched.

Additionally, publishers often make life easier for advertisers by providing them with the tools and information they need to start setting up their campaigns.

  1. Two-way communication
    Online advertising, unlike traditional advertising, presents two-way communication, since the receiver can easily communicate with the sender, for example, through the filling of online forms or email.

It also allows the public to immediately access more information about the product or service being advertised. Once you simply click on the ad and enter the advertiser’s website, you have all you need at a go.

  1. Easy measurement
    Another advantage of online advertising is that its results can be easily controlled and measured. Online campaigns allow advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns through the various programs offered by the internet.

With specific tools which you get mostly for free, you can measure in real-time the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. You will also find tools which will allow you to effectively determine the results of your advertising on the internet, this information can then be used to make future projections and decisions.

Editors can provide you with detailed reports with which you can then analyze the statistics and consequently improve and refine your strategy. Thanks to the ease of measuring, you can make changes, regardless of whether advertising is already underway, by modifying or removing ads that are not giving you the expected results and reinforcing those that are more aligned with your objective.

In comparison, measuring in traditional advertising is complex, for example knowing for sure how many saw a commercial or the ad in a newspaper or on a billboard. Quite the opposite happens with online advertising since it is possible to know how many people click on the said ad, therefore you can say for sure if it is having the impact you want.

  1. Flexibility
    Unlike traditional advertising, internet advertising allows you to easily test your advertisements or advertising messages, or change the means through which you are advertising or want to advertise as you so wish. For example, if when measuring the results of your advertising campaign we see that you are not obtaining the expected results, you can edit or change the ads completely.

Reading all the heads up advantages outlined above would make you assume that advertising on the internet is without disadvantages. Well, that’s not true!

Although its drawbacks are not too many, they are significant enough that you want to avoid them:

  1. Disinterested users
    Users are quite saturated with offers on the internet and no longer pay as much attention. This can however be corrected by presenting or producing excellent products and backing them with attractive and interesting campaigns.
  2. It is only intended for network users
    If the product is for online users only, there will be no problems. If not, advertising on the web must be completed with other forms of advertising carried out in other types of mass media.
  3. Susceptible to competition
    Competitors can easily spot your new moves and/or advertising strategies and constantly try to outperform them.
  4. Not all people can have access to the Internet
    Even at this time and age, there are places where the internet signal may not reach, as much as there are people who do not know how to navigate the web convincingly.
  5. Long-term results
    Many websites can take a long time to get significant traffic. There are those who do not want to always depend on pay-per-click campaigns, which is why they work on their website. But it is common that they take even months to have a good number of visits and many people do not have the patience for such.

In all, online advertising has great advantages over traditional advertising because it is more flexible, measurable and economical. As such, it turns out to be a very effective means of gaining visibility on the internet and reaching customers who are really interested in your products.

However, getting the best out of the benefits of online advertising and developing the necessary policies to neutralize its possible drawbacks should be the joint fundamental task of creators and administrators of a website as well as the owners and decision-makers of the brand.

While as the brand owner, you may not be well aware of the possibilities and the potentials, you need to be sure of who you commit those responsibilities to.

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