Advertising [Input internal link to what is ads blog post here] on social media has become the answer to the different algorithm changes on online platforms. The example that sounds the most to you is Facebook. The latest algorithm has made organic growth difficult for brands, which is why many brands now turn to Social Media Ads.

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Nowadays, advertising on social networks is one of the pillars of your content marketing strategy. And if you still in doubt about investing in it, here’s all you need to know about what advertising on social networks is and how you can implement and optimize it.

If you read till the end, you will be able to figure out how effective advertising on social networks or Social Media Ads can be, just as you can find that of online advertising here [Input internal link to “advantages of ads” blog post here]. However, it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, advertising on social networks adapts to all types of business profiles and models.

Are you ready to discover the amazing world of Social Ads? Let’s go!

What does advertising on social networks mean?
Social Ads or advertising on social networks are nothing more than presenting paid ads, usually by brands, to users on social networks. These ads may appear to be a mixture of the content or display format or ads that appear in the form of banners.

There are multiple forms of advertising on social networks and each has its function. That is why it is important to understand what each of them has got to offer your brand, use it properly, and take advantage of all its possibilities.

With the latest updates to the algorithm, taking your chance with Social Media Ads is something that all brands should do. Why? Because growing organically is very complicated and, think about it, what good is it to draw and carry out your content strategy if they will end up lost in a sea of ​​publications – of higher or worse quality.

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However, this is not about leaving everything in the hands of Social Media Ads. The best thing is to bet on the duo of organic and paid traffic strategies.

Advantages of social media advertising
Betting on social media advertising is far from being handicapped because it will bring you very good results. And don’t worry, you don’t need to have a very fat budget.

Advertising on social networks allows you to:

  1. Increase brand awareness
    Growing organically is complicated and therefore reaching a wider audience can be impossible. With advertising on social networks, you will be able to reach a larger audience.
  2. Reach new markets
    They give you the ability to spread content on a large scale. Do not forget that millions of people use them daily. Taking a risk on Social Media Ads is just an excellent way to expand your horizons.
  3. Segment your audience
    In social networks, every “like” works out the tastes and habits of users. When you advertise on social networks, you can fine-tune your audience based on interests, habits, and behaviours.
  4. It is accessible to all kinds of brands
    Regardless of the amount you are going to invest in advertising on social networks (a few thousands of naira or with a large investment), you will be able to enjoy the benefits it provides. Of course, the more you invest, the more results you will get.
  5. Make it in multiple formats
    Whether it is a publication, your page, giveaways, products or service to be promoted, social media offers a wide range of advertising types that will perfectly adapt to the type of platform. Hence, the user does not perceive it aggressively.

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  1. Analyze it and refine the shot
    You already know that online advertising [Input internal link to “what is ads” blog post here] provide you with a large amount of data. You will also get this data when you run Social Media Ads. The detailed data helps you ascertain the success rate and point out errors that can help you adjust your strategy.

In this unfavourable time, if you want to compete, stand out and achieve your goals, then Social Media Ads is your best bet. Nevertheless, don’t terminate your social media plan the moment you click the “publish” button.

Tips for advertising on social networks
While we have highlighted the need to strengthen your brand marketing strategy [Input internal link to “brand marketing” blog post here] through defining and planning your moves, it is also the case when advertising on social media platforms.

  1. Define your objectives and budgets accordingly
    Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with advertising on social networks and how? It is important that social media advertising is consistent with your marketing strategy.
  2. Take advantage of segmentation tools
    For your campaign to be successful, you should be sure to make use of the available tools to help distinguish your audience. This will help you choose who you are going to direct your communication to while channelling your energy to produce contents that will interest them.
  3. Test, test and retest
    When you set up ads on social networks, you will see that you can configure multiple aspects. Feel free to explore the many options that exist with the A / B tests.
  4. Get creative with social media advertising
    Advertising on social networks gives you the perfect opportunity to be innovative with your content. Do not fall into redundancy, in social networks the original content is the key.

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  1. Adapt to different devices
    Many users access social networks through mobile. It is important that your ad is designed for use on this device. You will have the advantage of defining a geographical area to locate those mobile users.
  2. Do not stay alone in the ad
    After the ad is launched, what happens if your audience click? Ideally, you should make sure that the ad redirects them to a landing page focused on the objectives you are hoping to achieve with that ad.
  3. Choose paid posts carefully
    Surely, you publish every day and not all publications have the same performance, right? You should note that when promoting publications, choose those that have a good feeling with users. So your promotion will be a success.

The Social Media Advertising Platforms
Nowadays, you can launch Social Ads on all social networks. Here’s how social media advertising works on some of the main platforms;

The versatility and the number of registered users make it one of the most important social networks. You will find a perfect opportunity to reach your audience in a direct way and, if you do it well, without wasting time and resources.

Facebook Ads is the tool that the platform makes available to users to carry out advertising campaigns on Facebook. With this tool, you can create different types of publications and segment them according to the specifications of your audience.

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Segmentation can be done based on; Country or city of residence; Language; Sex; Civil status; Custom; and Interests. Facebook advertising tools provides you with 3 tools to launch and manage your ads;

  1. Ads manager: This allows you to manage, control and analyze the ads and campaigns that you launch in a very intuitive way.
  2. Business Manager: They allow brands to offer access and management of the pages to professionals who manage multiple accounts. Allows you to assign an exclusive role of advertiser without having to be linked to a personal profile.
  3. Power Editor: Designed for large accounts that launch many ads at the same time. You will be able to control all your promotions from the same place.

For any Facebook advertising campaign, an advertising goal is attached to all ad sets. For each set of ads, you must define the budget, calendar, bid, location and common targeting. Each ad set can have multiple ads in different formats; video, photo, carousel, link, call to action, or text. But you will have to share detailed budgets and targeting across the ad set.

Facebook offers you the possibility to choose where your publications will be displayed. Automatically, they will appear in the news section, instant articles, in-streaming videos, stories etc. They can also be visible with different devices which may include authorizing everyone, mobile phone users or just desktop users to view these ads.

The placement may also be according to asset customization. You can choose several images or videos for the same ad depending on where it is located. You can also choose the platform where the ads should be shown. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network or Messenger.

In determining the price of your promotion, Facebook charges based on different factors. These factors include the time of year, country or quality of the ad.

Instagram Ads
The social network of photos and videos allows you to sponsor content. In this case, the conversion results in relation to costs are very positive. The management of ads on Instagram is done from Facebook Business, the tool that allows you to configure advertising campaigns. From there you can decide if your ad is to be published on Facebook, Instagram or both.

It is important to note that to launch your ads on Instagram you need to have a Facebook page linked to the Instagram account. On Instagram, you can create different types of ads including Photos; Videos; Carousel; and Instagram Stories which despite its brief duration, the conversion achieved by this type of advertising is very high.

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Instagram, like Facebook, allows you to segment in a very detailed way the audience you are going to target. It has the same options as Facebook, which means that you can segment your audience by language, age, gender, tastes, connections or interests.

There is also the option to let Facebook choose the target audience. But if you decide to segment your audience you will get better conversion rates. In order for you to get the most out of your ads, you should;

  1. Innovate and offer original content that adds value to your brand;
  2. Take care of all the details of the creatives you use;
  3. Do not use copies that are too long as you will damage the range that it can obtain;
  4. Use hashtags, in this social network they are essential; and
  5. Make things clear. Be brief, direct, and encourage conversation.

Youtube Ads
If you are promoting video content, YouTube is your social network. These types of ads are the closest thing to traditional formats. This platform offers multiple options to prepare your ads including:

  1. Banners
    These ads are characterized by appearing outside the video player. They are ads that are fixed and work based on the cost per click or impressions received. You can launch these types of ads in different ways. One of those is by search results which you will find only in search results if you access it from a computer.

Another way is by launching with mobiles. As its name indicates, this type can only be viewed from a mobile phone. But in this case, you can find it on the main page or in the search results.

  1. Mobile Ads
    A large number of users access social networks through mobile. That is why it is very important to adapt and create advertisements for these types of devices.

In this case, YouTube offers you different formats. One of these is the Roadblock. They are Ads that are displayed on the YouTube home page through searches made. With this type of ad, you will get information about the number of users who have seen the ad throughout the day.

There is also the In-Stream Ad. This format allows you to view the ad from for 30 seconds as long as the user plays the video of a “premium” partner. Another is the brand channels which allows brands to create channels for the mobile version. With this option, you will get a high range.

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  1. Trueview
    This type of advertising works by Cost per View, that is, you pay when the user views your ad in full. Within this type, there are different formats. For the display format, ads appear to the right of a featured video and above the “Suggestion List”. You can find this type of ad in different places on the platform except on the home page and you can only see it from your computer.

For those who view from a computer, you surely must’ve seen an ad overlay at the bottom of the videos, right? Those are the Overlay Ads or In-Video which is a format known as the Overlapping format.

There’s also the “In-stream True View” format. You know this type of ad well. They can be placed before, during or at the end of the main video. They appear as your own video and you have the (wonderful) option to skip it after 5 seconds of playback. This format can be viewed on the computer, mobile, tablet, television or consoles.

A variation of the In-Stream ads is those that cannot be skipped. This form is similar to the previous one with the difference that you cannot skip it, you have to see it in full.

  1. Masthead
    This type of ad is similar to the banner. Due to the cost, this type of ad is aimed at companies with large budgets. They also appear on the YouTube home page in different formats. For the main page option, you reserve the space for 24 hours to promote your brand through a banner.

The expandable format is similar to the previous format with the difference that the user can expand the banner by clicking and the ad will be displayed at a size of 970 × 500 px. Another feature is that it can only be viewed from a computer.

Another type is the Masthead Lite which is also similar to the previous cases. You reserve the upper part for 24 hours, with the difference that you can include a video at a size of 265 × 150.

You can also have the video format which can be viewed on both mobile phones and computers. It involves reserving the upper part of the YouTube page for 24 hours and including your advertisement in video format with a duration of 30 seconds. To see the ad in full, you just have to press the continue option that appears.

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Twitter, the bird’s social network, also allows you to promote your brand via advertising. In this case, Twitter allows 3 types of ads; Promoting a profile; Boosting a tweet and; Promoting trends.

Twitter allows you to segment your audience based on geographic location, gender, language, behaviours or interests. You can also target by keywords, categories or interests from other areas. Similarly, you can upload a person list to focus your ads on a specific group of people.

The options in terms of advertising on social networks are vast. The most important thing is that you should have your strategy well defined and that all the gears you use to put it into operation are consistent.

At Jade Crystal Colours, we encourage you to incorporate advertising on social networks to take your brand to the top. In achieving those set goals, you can count on us to help you your objectives beyond your expectations.

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