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The use of the printing press to shun out amazing print materials, contrary to what it might seem, is still a good marketing resource. While amazing stuff is currently unfolding and will continue to unfold in the digital world, print advertising and its resources will always be around.

This is due to different factors that are mainly related to the customer experience. The human being is sensory and the digital cannot always emulate these stimuli adequately.

The most important thing to consider is that trends can help you drive your marketing strategies. Through the use of print materials, you can always generate quality content that stimulates the senses of your clients.

Why incorporate print advertising? It is because it allows you to connect as well as it favours your marketing strategy.

How about we review some of the reasons why marketing with print materials can be a great solution for you.

  1. Prints are more memorable

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In the age of technology, the speed with which we receive information is overwhelming. This results in an inability to retain all that you receive or come across. Therefore, when we place an ad, the customer’s commitment will not be immediate.

The user is not necessarily going to purchase the product as soon as he sees it advertised on a platform. There is a whole purchase evaluation process that you must go through. This means evaluating all the benefits of your product.

Therefore, to develop successful advertising, it is important to consider the human side of your buyers. This can be easily accomplished by appealing to sensory experience. The print materials offer more possibilities focused on the sensory.

The psychology of colour is also an essential part of any print campaign. This ensures that the information remains in the minds of potential buyers for longer.

To have a successful campaign, you must do something memorable. If you can stand out from your competitors, you will achieve your mission.

A marketing strategy that uses the resource of the print materials can access a wider group of potential customers. This type of campaign allows your brand to be visible to everyone, without being limited by an application.

  1. They pass from hand to hand
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Another way to stimulate the senses of your customers is through advertising that goes from hand to hand. Human beings are tactile. This means that we look for experiences that stimulate that sense.

When our advertising strategy includes print, we have a greater number of tactile options. Business cards, flyers or brochures are the types of items that can have this impact.

Do you know what is more interesting? These print advertising materials are easier to share. Video ads, for example, limit the ability to share quickly and easily. Because they are just ads on a video platform.

We live in an age of immediacy, where fast things are more successful than those that take time. Therefore, the easier it is to share your advertising materials, the more likely it is to happen.

  1. Large volume, lower cost
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One of the great advantages of using a printing press is the cost/benefit ratio. This means that the higher the volume of what you print, the lower the proportional cost.

When you invest in a large amount of print advertising, you ensure that you reach more people at a lower cost. It is important to evaluate the advantages that this brings to your company compared to the digital.

This doesn’t mean that you should get rid of your digital marketing, but rather that you should do it together. By combining the benefits of print advertising with those of network advertising, you reach more people.

  1. Print materials complement your marketing strategy

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The best part of all this is that by using print advertising, you can complement your marketing strategy. The reason print will never go into extinction is that it offers additional benefits in this digital age.

What does this mean? There is a point of communion where the digital and the physical can explore their full potential. Print advertising must be closely related to digital.

The brand image and the language used must be congruent. The website and social networks must be present. This even allows interaction with promotions or augmented reality.

Regardless of the direction, you decide to take your print strategy, remember to create an experience for buyers. Dare to involve your customers with your brand or company.

  1. Different formats, materials and colours

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Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using the printing press for your advertising lies in its versatility. In this digital age, ads are limited to a specific type of experience.

However, print advertising comes in a wide variety of formats, materials, and colours. This allows generating targeted advertising to broader ranges of the population.

Large-scale printing of a spectacular advertisement allows it to be seen by a large number of people every day. Promotional items are another way to use this resource.

In the age of technology, print advertising offers a quiet option. Many times, the ads get lost in the noise of videos and songs that come to us daily.

Using the print media for your advertising helps to generate ingenious ways to entice customers. This also complements any digital marketing strategy that you want to carry out.

The competition for customer service is very tough. It is about generating a sensory and memorable experience. Therefore, your advertising must appeal to the emotional bond of your clients.

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