A cluttered, unprofessional and inconsistent representation of your brand can lead to disaster. So, you need to have a custom stationery design that when printed, aligns with your brand image.

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Why is the stationery design and printing still relevant?
Think of advertisements as critical first impressions. Once your name is out there, in online avenues like social media or just on the street – in any light, good or bad – it’s hard to change its public perception. This is why it’s extremely important to think rigorously through your brand before taking any important steps.

Stationery design and printing is something that has taken the modern back seat due to the advent of digital advertising. Headers, business cards, slips of paper, and other tactile means of bringing the public closer, are not meant to be relegated. This neglect has cost businesses. It has influenced their ability to stand out in an ever-demanding global market.

Companies, still trapped in the misconception that stationery design is a thing of the old days, need to fix it. The longevity of their brand depends on it.

In this article, we will shed some light on what your stationeries need to do more for you as well as their importance in your branding campaigns.

Some stationery components and their importance

  1. Business cards

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Business cards are one of the most important components of stationery. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are not given the care and creative deliberation they deserve.

Like any other marketing tool, they too need to captivate the audience. If your customers feel that your business cards are not original and boring, they will be discouraged from doing business with you. They will be more likely to relegate such cards to their garbage cans.

It’s critically important to unleash your creative insanity and let it flow when designing business cards.

Stick to the basics of creative design while ensuring that you make something unique. You need to create a business card that will create noise in the market and will require ingenuity on your part.

If you think you don’t have the brain and physical ability to create and print an eye-catching business card, you can always turn to professional design companies like Jade Crystal Colours.

  1. Complimentary slides

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Another milestone in the design of stationery, envelopes compliments can help strengthen your branding philosophy.

Their purpose is widely misunderstood. Not only do they serve to integrate and enchant customers. They are an effective means of promoting your brand image. Accompanying documents also play a key role in strengthening customer-business relationships.

You can send them with business cards and letterhead. But make sure they have the same professional finish and elegance as the rest of your stationery, and that are personalized and original. It will help build friendly and lasting bonds with your target customers.

In the end, it’s very important to realize that the accompanying envelopes make a difference in the grand scheme of things, despite being plain A4 size cards. Their importance must not be undermined under any circumstances.

  1. Letterhead
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Letterhead isn’t just a piece of correspondence. They are tangible and intimate representations of your brand. They can talk volumes about your brand culture and identity.

A meticulously designed letterhead can increase brand recognition, loyalty, and lend an air of sophistication and professionalism to your business name.

Writing letters seems like an outdated and “Victorian” mode of communication. But despite his old age, it’s the only way to build an intimate relationship with your customer base. Sure, emailing is in vogue, but headers convey the message that you’re willing to do what you can for your customers.

Many designers use online editing tools to create effective and eye-catching letterhead designs. Jade Crystal Colours has an army of in-house designers and competent print specialists to accomplish the same thing. You should also trust similar services to cover all the bases.

Logo placement, text size, contact and address inclusion, and many other details must be met with precision when it comes to letterhead. It is not just about splashing a couple of words on a piece of paper. Keep this in mind.

  1. Presentation folders

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You could have a cutting-edge company with the best employees at your beck and call. But the only way your customers can get an idea of ​​your company’s reputation is through your marketing materials.

If you send your product information in a disorganized and cluttered folder, what will your customers think? Nothing good; trust me!

Professional, elegant and carefully crafted presentation folders present a solid image of your brand. They give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

Relying on unstable and shoddy folders that collapse or lose shape on first or second contact will damage your brand image. Make sure the material in your folders is top-notch. It might cost you a little extra, but it’s not going to break the bank.

I say this with the daunting certainty that a cool looking folder, with a carefully placed logo and company name, leaves a lasting impression. It is worth the time and budget, whether you’re using it for internal use or sending it to a potential customer. So, don’t forget presentation folders as you plan your stationery design.

  1. Brochures
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Brochures have held their position as a standard advertising tool for centuries. They are multipurpose printed publications, consisting of 15 to 75 pages.

Most companies consider them a basic component of their marketing strategies and rightly so! They are the perfect format to convey a compelling and succinct message of your brand, without an overwhelming audience.

In a brochure, you can include employee information, contact details, a unique story of your brand, and almost any type of relevant information. You can also wear it with impressive images to increase the chances of engagement. The possibilities offered by this marketing tool are different.

Before designing a booklet, identify its purpose. Will it promote your company or introduce a product or service? The copy you will include is important, no question about it, but so is its presentation – colour, content, placement of the text etc. Make sure you cater to every detail.

  1. Flyers and brochures

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Advertising for a concert or special event or the introduction of a new product line? Flyers and brochures are just the things you need.

While the word can be spread through commercials or billboards, it’s not that convenient. Especially novice businesses with tight advertising budgets may find it difficult to invest in such high branding campaigns.

Flyers and brochures, on the other hand, are not only effective but affordable. They can easily promote your brand’s key message to your customers.

A well-designed flyer or brochure can make tons of difference in making your brand shine. A4 and A5 flyers are standard, but Jade Crystal Colours can design and print a flyer of any size and design specification for you.

  1. Invoice books
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An invoice book is in an underused personalization tool.

A personalized invoice register, containing your company name, logo and other details, helps you keep your company memory firmly in the customer’s mind.

Their portable nature is also of great help. You can write a receipt on the spot if you have a bagged custom receipt book. You don’t have to go through the hassle of sending a printed copy out later.

Also, one luxury that personalized books can afford is personalization. You can customize the design according to your needs and specifications. It shouldn’t be a carbon copy of other formats. From customer numbers, purchased products and invoice numbers, you can integrate details consistent with your needs.

Stationery design and printing are extremely important in branding campaigns. From increasing brand recognition to capturing a load of customers, it has a variety of functions.

Considering it an obsolete relic is a serious mistake on the part of the company. Make sure you choose the best printing service like Jade Crystal Colours to fit all your stationery needs.

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